Public discussion page for “Debating the effectiveness of marine protected areas” in ICES Journal of Marine Science (2017)

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The public comment area is down this page, following my brief thoughts here.

The fundamental purpose of MPA News is to help practitioners make their sites more effective. Sometimes this involves theoretical discussions, like What is effectiveness? Other times it involves more applied guidance, like how to build trust with stakeholders.

That purpose is why we've linked here to the special feature “Debating the effectiveness of marine protected areas” in ICES Journal of Marine Science. The feature provides some valuable blending of the theory and practice of MPA effectiveness. The result is focused (with concise points and counterpoints), useful (including some applied guidance from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park experience), and productive (finding some areas of common ground).

That being said, the feature acknowledges that its authors don't represent the full breadth of the global MPA community, and that a wider discussion of effectiveness would be worthwhile. In that light, I'd like to solicit MPA News readers' insights, drawing from your own diverse backgrounds and experience.

So please provide your feedback on the points and counterpoints in the journal’s coverage, and your thoughts on MPA effectiveness in theory and practice. Thank you! We may include selected contributions in a future issue of MPA News.

John Davis
Editor, MPA News